CC Japan Income & Growth Trust plc ("Fund")

This remuneration disclosure is provided by Coupland Cardiff Asset Management LLP (the "Investment Manager") in accordance with the requirements of the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority in FUND 3.3.5(5) and (6)R and relates to the Investment Manager’s financial year ended 2021 ("Performance Year").

Information on the Investment Manager's remuneration policy

The Investment Manager's remuneration policy is designed to support its business strategy, objectives, values and long-term interests of its clients, including the Fund. The Investment Manager compensates its employees at a level sufficient to attract and retain suitably qualified and experienced staff.  Discretionary variable remuneration is aimed at rewarding employees based on the firm's overall financial performance.

Individual remuneration awards are determined based on the following key financial and non-financial criteria:

  • the individual’s seniority within the business and overall contribution to the business of the Investment Manager and its clients assessed over the medium to long-term;
  • achievement of objectives linked to the individual’s role;
  • financial performance of the Investment Manager;
  • the individual’s professional development; and
  • the individual’s compliance with internal policies and procedures, ethics culture and risk management framework.

The Investment Manager manages several funds and accounts and does not compensate its staff by reference to a particular fund or account. As such, the information on the proportion of the total remuneration attributable to the Fund or a method for calculating such a proportion of remuneration is not readily available.

Total amount of remuneration for the Performance Year: 2021



Number of beneficiaries




Note: The information on the total amount of remuneration relates to the total amount of remuneration of the entire staff of the Investment Manager. 

Aggregate remuneration for the Performance Year– senior management and risk takers

Staff category

Aggregate remuneration

Senior management


Other staff whose activities have a material impact on the risk profile on the Funds managed by the Investment Manager